US Immigration Business Plan Services
Rédaction de Business Plan pour votre Visa

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Other professionals to contact
an Immigration lawyer, ask us
An accountant (CPA)
your consulate
A Business Broker, if you decide to acquire a company

What are the steps?
  1. Contact us for an initial assessment (100% free of charge) in order for us to discuss your project in general terms.
  2. We sign an agreement (50% of our total fee is due at the time of signing).
  3. You respond to our questionnaire, giving us a more detailed understanding of your project
  4. We develop and deliver your business plan within 10 days (PDF format)
  5. You review it and present it to your lawyer, then we make any necessary adjustments and provide you with your final document (printed+PDF)
  6. Finally, after a little patience, you get your visa!

Can you help us to file for our visa?
In all cases, you should definitely consult an immigration attorney, or we can introduce you to one to guide you in your efforts. We are not lawyers or financial advisors. If you need advice at this level, you will need to consult an accountant.
Why to contract with Busines Plan Visa?
  • Since we specialize in this area, which requires a good understanding of general business development, we are clearly complementary to the advice you receive from your lawyer and accountant. Our vision-oriented business works alongside their technical services to assemble your complete, coherent file.

  • Our company is aware that this key document isn't your only expense as part of your process of establishment in the United States, and we offer our services at very reasonable prices, tailored to your situation. Our #1 priority is that you get your visa, so you can quickly and successfully establish yourself in the US. When you have it, give us a call and we'll go have a drink to celebrate!

  • We have personnally followed the same steps we'll outline for you. We migrated in the same way. That's how we know it works and it's much easier than not being backed by experts.
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